Are you in need of North Jersey rodent control? Mice and rodents usually enter structures in the fall looking for warmth and a nesting site, but they can enter at any time. Once mice enter a home the longer you wait to treat them the worse the problem will become. They breed quickly. You can easily have a mouse or two turn into many.

A typical mouse treatment consists of strategically placing snaps in the appropriate areas. The purpose of the snaps is to quickly reduce the population and reduce the possibility of a mouse dying in a wall. We return in about a week. Depending upon the number we catch we either set more traps or place bait. The reason why we use bait is any remaining mice will become trap shy and avoid the traps. There is no shyness with the bait and it will eliminate the remaining mice.

During the fall and winter we will warranty this treatment until the end of March. If it is during the spring and summer we will warranty for 90 days. This service may be applied to a Home Protection Plan within 30 days from the initial service.

North Jersey Rodent Control Renewal Plan

The North Jersey rodent control renewal service consists of replacing the bait in the fall to prevent mice from nesting in the home and is warrantied through March.

This renewal program is designed exclusively for customers who want mouse control only during the fall/winter months. Once a first time mouse treatment is performed we will mail a renewal notice the following Labor Day. If you choose the renewal, you will be under warranty from Labor Day until March 31. If mice reappear inside your home during this period, we will retreat at no additional charge.

Common Varieties of Rodents

Mice Removal

After humans, mice are the second most successful, resourceful mammal. Mice can fit through an opening 1/4 of an inch or larger, or about the width of a pencil. Mice will make their nests in many areas in and around the home, especially in stacked firewood, stones and bricks, and piles of leaves. Mice can contaminate food, spread disease and cause allergies.

Rat Removal

The Norway rat, also known as a brown rat and common rat, will consume almost anything. They can grow as long as ten inches, with a tail the same length. They are usually active at night, are good swimmers both on the surface and underwater, but are poor climbers. They burrow and often excavate extensive systems. Rats damage property, spread disease and can bite.

Squirrel Removal

If you know for sure that there are squirrels in your home, the first thing you should do is call an expert. They will have the best advice and ability to deal with the infestation problem that you may be facing. There are also some strategies to doing it yourself.

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