Because New Jersey is home to beautiful wooded areas, parks, forests, and farmland, ticks can be a common pest problem for people to deal with.  Ticks can rapidly spread diseases, which is why it is important to keep your home and property as tick-free as possible.  If you have high grasses or lots of trees on your property you may want to consider tick control services.  Common ticks found in New Jersey include:

Types of Ticks in North Jersey

  • American Dog Ticks: These ticks are the most frequently encountered ticks in NJ, and are found on dogs and other mammals. Of course, they have no objection to using human hosts either, which makes them even more dangerous.  These ticks can spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which makes it imperative that you take action if you think you have brought one of these pests into your home.
  • Brown Dog Ticks: Those these ticks are not interested in human hosts, they are the only tick that likes to infest the home. These ticks commonly spend time in dark cracks and crevices in the home.  They often travel with dogs and are commonly picked up at veterinary hospitals and kennels.  If you see small tick like creatures darting into the corners of your home, you may want to call a pest control provider to have them dealt with before your precious pooch spreads them to other properties.
  • Lone Star Ticks: This is a very aggressive tick that is found on many animals including humans. They travel from their questing locations to manicured areas with ease.  These ticks can also cause Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Tularemia.  If you think you may have a Lone Star Tick infestation it is important to call a pest control expert right away.
  • Deer Ticks: These ticks are well known as the primary carriers of Lyme Disease. Deer ticks don’t tend to travel far, but rather tend to hop on a host when that person or animal is in a wooded or grassy area.  Most deer ticks are caught when a person is enjoying recreational activities in wooded areas, but if you live on a property with tall grasses or lots of trees you are susceptible to having deer ticks on your property.  Consult a pest control expert on the issue to keep you family and guests safe.

A tick infestation is serious business.  If you think you may have a tick infestation on your New Jersey property, PermaKill Exterminating can help.  We’ll take care of the infestation safely and ethically.  Call for more information and a free quote today!